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Holy Missions in the village of Novyi Yarychiv

From October 31 to November 7, parish missions took place  in the parish of All Saints in the village of Novyi Yarychiv, Lviv oblast. We are grateful to father Jakiv for the invitation, as well as to all the parishioners who took an active part in the Missions with their open hearts.

Holy Missions began on Sunday at the same time as the temple feast. On Wednesday evening, men from the Community in Dialogue Rehabilitation Center testified about their lives and conversions. Fr. Vitaliy Novak, CM, a community leader, came with them for missions. On Thursday at Holy Mass, the married couples renewed their vows, and on Friday, the sacrament of Anointing was administered to the sick. A presentation of the Association of the Miraculous Medal was held on Saturday after each Holy Mass. The missions ended with Sunday Holy Mass and the consecration of the Missionary Cross in memory of the holy time of the Missions.


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