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From the life of the Community in Dialogue through the lens of Catholic television

EWTN Ukraine is working on the social project ‘Ambulatory of modern Samaritans’. People who are addicted to alcohol, drugs and gambling restore their resources in a unique area filled with the spirit of light. The results are obvious.

Odesa region, Lyman rayon, village Buldinka and the village Vizirka. This is where the Vincentian Pier operates and the Community in Dialogue social project is being implemented. The head of the center Fr. Vitalii Novak CM.

Photo collection is made during the Holy Liturgy. Next, we will continue to publish photos from the Vincentian pier and to make you aware with the Community in Dialogue project.

The theater and film actor Artur Piskovskyi is in the team of the Catholic TV channel.

✒ Project manager: Fr. Oleksander Zelinskii


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