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Christmas Eve is a mysterious and merciless time in its fragile beauty and joy

Christmas Eve is a mysterious and merciless time in its fragile beauty and joy. At night, everything is a bit different; in the morning, there are pale pearl-colored light streaming through a window grating, yard-keepers scrubbing the snow which has not yet been flattened by boots’ soles, chickadees’ tweeting, hoar-frost falling down in flakes from inly thin small branches. However, night puts everything in its place – the Vigil Mass is for chosen only. Warm light beams from the windows of a parish house amid crooked high-rise blocks – and mysterious candle light reflecting souls, wishes and Virgin Mary’s amber regard.

It is a time of concord and reconciliation; it is a time to speak and to hear, to collect and to grant. One table unites completely different people, diverse destinies; however, the shared joy evens out all of them. The level of Light and Darkness is like a Zebra cake from the times of our childhood. There is a black stripe, and a white stripe comes next. Snow crunches underfoot of a late traveler – wafers crunch in the fingers of parishioners. This fairytale evening, the Lord is equally pleased with everybody – children and adults, sinners and the righteous, lost ones and those who have turned up. Laughter and jokes, a honey-spotted tablecloth – be like children by forgetting about everything. Tell us your story, boy – the Lord will hear it, He will enjoy it, for He also likes fairytales. There is an old piano which keys you would like to touch there – without breaking that inner silence.

And over the church – there are huge skies with the distribution of multifarious stars, the mantel of the Heavenly King that covers Your children from sorrows. There are stars in the numerator, and footprints in the snow are in the term – that is such an amazingly common fraction.

The church Mass – it is quiet, warm and so perfectly unlike the solemn Masses of large cities. Happiness likes quietness – the Wise Men whisper to one another bending over the Baby’s crib. May the peace of Our Lord be with you – it is the most sincere reconciliation on earth in the smoky twilight of the fairytale night. Golden pilgrims are still on their way to their Jerusalem. Christmas night is the time for wonders. Even if you do not see them – they have already happened.

May the Lord keep everyone of us – and we shall keep Him.

                                                     Written by Alena O.

Christmas is the time when our hearts are touched by God’s love. God revealed Himself to the whole nation through Baby Jesus who was born in a Bethlehem stable. He has entered my heart as well to make it different, new – joyful and loving. He came at night to lighten the way for a soul lost in darkness.
In the evening on December 24, some parishioners of various ages sat down to a festive “generous table”. For the first time in history of the parish, a priest, religious sisters and parishioners in an ordinary talk and prayer rejoiced, shared their wishes, and thanked God for the gift of Christmas. After the evening supper, everyone assembled in the church for the Holy Mass and carols singing in Slovakian and Russian.
Thank you, dear parishioners and Sisters, for that splendid evening and family mood, for words, prayers and joy. This is a tremendous merit of Jesus who united all of us.


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