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Oh my Jesus! I beg you, tell us, who drew thee down from heaven, that thou mightst suffer the curse of the earth and the great persecutions and torments that befall thee? O Savior! You came to expose yourself to all our poverty. Is there such a love? Who could love so greatly? Only our Lord, so captivated by the love to creatures, could leave the Father’s throne to come and receive the feeble body. 

St. Vincent de Paul


Dear brothers in the priesthood, sisters’ nuns, dear Vincentian Family.

On the occasion of Christmas, I send you my cordial greetings. 

In this difficult time, may the birth of our Savior give us joy, peace, love, and trust in Almighty God.

Let us entrust all pain and sorrow to His loving Heart. All that seems impossible and hopeless, let us give into His hands. Let us give the whole world, wars, diseases, our families, the desire for peace and ourselves to His merciful Providence.

May we be surrounded by the presence of this extraordinary Little Child, Who has revealed to us inconceivable, striking features of God, His humble love for us, sincere, simple and defenseless, and at the same time powerful and strong, able to change hearts. 

May the light brought to us by the Infant Jesus, illuminate our lives, fill them with peace, make us capable of the good, evangelical and Vincentian testimony of love.

Bowing in prayer before the Child of God, I ask for a lot of God’s grace for you. I also pray for all your relatives, friends and acquaintances, for those with whom you work, and for those whom you serve. 

May the Newborn Jesus, God, bless all your good intentions and reward you and all your loved ones with his peace, love and joy.


With the gift of prayer at the manger of the Newborn Jesus

Fr. Leonid Kuklyshyn СМ


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