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Celebrations in Fontanka…

Not long ago we experienced the joy of Pilgrimage of Vincentian Family to the Tomb of blessed Martha Wiecka; and the pilgrimage of the relics of blessed Martha Wiecka through Ukraine is finished. Our stay in Snyatyn was a time of prayer, unity, spiritual peace and mutual love for us.

After these celebrations Superior General of the Fathers Missionaries together with Visitators of many provinces (Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and the Middle East) visited our House in Fontanka.

That’s clear that Fr. Tomazh did not need to be specially introduced. All guests knew and remembered him very well and with love. Superior General together with the guests wanted to visit various social projects which were implemented under the auspices of our house. Yesterday was a very busy day. After a delicious breakfast, which we had opportunity to eat at the Sisters of Mercy, we all went to our “mini-tour”.

First we visited the women’s Community in Dialogue in the village of Vizirka, where we could share the lived experience and check out the social bakery which works nearby the building of the Community in Dialogue. Then we went to the man’s center of Community where our guests had the opportunity to learn the way of life offered by the Community in Dialogue, to share their words of encouragement. Here I would like to thank both women and men of our centers for their hospitality and preparations. Then there was a dinner after which we all were to go to patronal festival in Onyskovo village, the patron of which is blessed Martha Vetska. She is a patron of local parish community. The temple patronal festival was the first in this parish as during more than 20 years Masses were celebrated in the house of one of the parishioners. Special words of gratitude are for our dear Sisters of Mercy and parishioners for all their efforts in preparation. Holy Mass was headed by His Excellency Bronislaw Bernatsky. In his sermon he emphasized the need to save the deposit of faith, to be acting witnesses of Christ as there is nothing encouraging better as the witness with our own lives. Wasn’t the example of blessed Martha the best one in this? Her faith was alive; her life was filled with hope because she loved God, because she knew that to love means to offer salvation.

At the end I would like to thank Superior General and all our guests for their words of support, their presence and common prayer in honor of one who invites us with her own life to go and not to fair, to love and to help…

Blessed Martha – pray for us!

Fr. Serhii Pavlish, СМ



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