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Apostolic Nuncio Claudio Gugerotti in Odesa

May 20, 2017 Apostolic Nuncio Claudio Gugerotti arrived in Odesa first of all of course for the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the beginning of Odessa-Simferopol Diocese. His presence was a great honor and pleasure for us. After the Divine Liturgy Nuncio went to the village of Buldynka to the Community in Dialogue and if you ask any of the rehabilitation program members “Why Nuncio has came here?” – “To meet me and to talk to me as to someone important for him”. This was the way we experienced this meeting. Apostolic Nuncio Claudio Gugerotti met not the Community in Dialogue but everyone personally. In fact His ability to listen, his attentiveness to everyone impressed us very much. “He looked at me and remembered that did not give me a goodbye hug ”, “He told me he wanted to see me here when he comes next time”, “He talked to me as if I were someone of the same status”… Undoubtedly this meeting will be ingrained for a long time in our hearts … hearts that started to beat in a different way as Nuncio inspired to fight on, even harder.

Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop  Claudio Gugerotti  and assistant Bishop Jacek Pyl visited our community. The Nuncio’s interest to the personal story of each program participant was impressive. After a careful and compassionate hearing archbishop Claudio also shared his thoughts: “I can feel life here. Here is no scenic pomp which is very important. As having a position in society all of us are dependent on scenic behavior. And one realizes what he had only after he has lost… I do not differ from you and I have no right to judge. You teach me that we have to fight. It helps me when I see people fighting as I am a fighter too by nature, although physically I’d lost immediately). Many of you said that life without the adrenaline does not make sense or that the wrong choice costs a lot. But there is a different adrenaline – the adrenaline of the Spirit. And this kind of adrenaline brings the opposite effect. I feel good when I help other feel good. It is natural that all of us are selfish. Even for those who have made their choice and put on soutanes. Therefore, it is important not to become enslaved with own selfishness. So we must look in the mirror and admit that we are selfish as it is the beginning of salvation. Often we live for years without looking in such mirror. Then we roll down until we feel personal dignity. Until we understand that we are not trash. Until we know that we can love. And only after I recognize that I am able to love – then I have everything! And God also tells me – you are able to love. And I’ll show you how you can love by showing a cross to me. Here is the life given for love.  Meeting you I understand that every your word has its price. But even when you have lost everything, there is always the hand of God ready to help. This hand and God will never tell that you disappointed Him. God will never abandon you!  The real life appears from the depths of humbling. People like you can help others having a lot of experience. Because you are real”.



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