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Vacations with God, the long-expected time for children and youth, and particularly for animators who so much aspire to consecrate themselves to the service and communication … ...

General Assembly, day 2, Table Talk

The delegates all came back for the second day of the assembly. After going through some logistics and the minutes from yesterday, Fr. Joe Agostino, the chair of the Preparatory Commission and international coordinator o ...

General Assembly - Day 1

Today the 42nd General Assembly began on the campus of DePaul University in Chicago, the first General Assembly outside of Europe — as well as your scribe’s first. The morning began with mass at the most beautiful church in Chicago ...

Funny Carnival or How to Train Your Dragon!

On Saturday, February 6, ahead of the start of Lent, the fourth in succession yearly carnival for children and the youth took place in the Parish of St. Vincent de Paul in Saltivka community, Kharkiv! ...

On the road to the priesthood

Being a priest - a burden or a joy calling ... Making perpetual vows, the consecrated person knowingly refuses to marry, renounces wealth, yet much of it and refuses at first glance looks very sad and unfair. From the wealt ...


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