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Ahead of St. Vincent de Paul’s Day in Kyiv Warming Center


Ahead of St. Vincent de Paul’s Day celebrated by the whole Vincentian Family on September 27, clients of the Warming Center prayed all together the Novena to St. Vincent. Every evening, they would pray for some minutes and reflect on the sayings of St. Vincent. Having visited the Warming Center just once, everyone already learns about the saint who devoted his life to serving the poor.

On Septembers 26, Fr. Mykhailo Talapkanych, CM, delivered a catechizing where he reiterated the life and work of St. Vincent. Everyone who is born has a choice – to be a good person or a bad one, to use one’s talents or to neglect them; to develop as a person, to have material and spiritual riches and to share them with others or to abandon everything recklessly treating your own life and life of those persons for whom you used to be a father or a mother, a son or a daughter, a friend, a brother or a sister. It is only by working on yourself on the daily basis that you could reach success, happy life, life with God, life in love and peace.

Here and now followers of St. Vincent de Paul reach out to help, granting a piece of hope in changes for the better. It is difficult to take a step towards changes just on your own; it is hard to start living in soberness…

Thus, we prayed for every person in need, for everyone present there so that they could believe and would not be afraid to take the first step with the help from St. Vincent! On September 27, at the request of clients of the Warming Center, in the evening we arranged watching a film about the life of St. Vincent de Paul.

P.S. As the catechizing ended, there was time for questions and personal talk with the priest.


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