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A charity event “Vincentian cookie”

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During September, the Vincentian Family conducts a charity event “Vincentian cookie”. During the campaign, the Vincentian Family wants to involve as many people as possible in charity to help the needy.

We encourage you to buy “Vincentian cookie” and make a voluntary donation. This year, funds raised will be allocated to the Community in Dialogue Rehabilitation Centre.

Community in Dialogue – is a rehabilitation centre for people with drug addicts and alcohol addicts (information can be found near a poster) which was organized by the Vincentian Family in Odessa 12.12.2012.

The “Vincentian cookie” campaign passes for the second time. From donations collected last year, in Perechin, for several months we nourished lonely elderly people who cannot afford to serve themselves. Thanks to your support, this activity continues to help other people.

During September, the “Vincentian cookie” campaign takes place in all parishes in Ukraine where the Vincentian Family is present.

We are united in charity and good. It does not matter if we will collect a lot of or little money, but it is important to take part, to join the action, to support those who need it by our personal contribution.

If we help together, we are stronger. When we are united for the common good, God gives his blessing.

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