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Vincentian Family of Odesa region holds its meeting

As the tradition goes, a meeting of the Vincentian Family of the southern region took place on May 1, 2019, in Odesa region.

The meeting was attended by representatives of all the existent branches of the Vincentian Family in Odesa region, and namely the Daughters of Charity from Balta and Fontanka, Depaul-Odesa, Community in Dialogue, parishioners and representatives of groups served by the missionaries, parents and relatives of rehabilitants as well as the Fathers of the Mission of St. Vincent.

The gathering was held in its traditional format at the Community in Dialogue premises in the village of Buldynka.

The venue started with getting to know each other and an excursion around the Community in Dialogue Rehabilitation Center. A special thing about these meetings is a chance for making a petting contact with Community pets.

Another crucial moment of the meeting was a joint Holy Mass at the Community chapel.

The key emphasis in the reflections on the Word of God and Vincentian spirituality was put on actual acts of faith in the life of everyone who, positively speaking, was “infected” by the Vincentian charism.  That is to say, each participant of the meeting faced the question as a personal challenge, which St. Vincent used to put to himself in face of every type of human disaster: “What must be done?” #whatmustbedone. What should I do as a Vincentian in this and that branch of this Family here and now?

The three most important elements of healthy being of every family are the common prayer, common food consumption and common recreation. Likewise, we as the Vincentian Family realized and one more time stressed the importance of such meetings as well as the significance of presence of all the components of a healthy family. For this reason, after a common prayer we all together moved around to the Adzhalyk firth, where our common recreation continued with singing, eating delicious grilled meat and personal informal communication between Vincentians.

We are grateful to Community in Dialogue guys who just like real hosts welcomed guests and boarded them all with tasty food!





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