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… To tell someone – You will not die, is to give him a complete resurrection

On the first of May, according to the annual tradition, we celebrated the meeting of the Vincentian Family of Odesa Region in Buldynka. That was not just a meeting….

A joyful event gathered us today, which is the end of a 2-year rehabilitation program for two boys: Andrii and Volodia. The day is expected, to which they went with hard work on themselves, with the help of the Community in Dialogue.

Relatives and friends were touched.., responsible persons were touched…all the present people were touched. There were many of us: the Missionary Fathers of St. Vincent de Paul, Daughters of Mercy, employees of the All-Ukrainian Charity Foundation of Depaul Ukraine in Odesa, parishioners from Yuzhne and St. Vincent’s Group from Odesa.

The Eucharist was presided over by the Visitor of the Missionary Fathers, Fr. Leonid Kuklyshyn  СМ. The representative of the local Church was Fr. Myroslav, the abbot of the Cathedral in Odesa.

‘…To tell someone – You will not die, is to give him a complete resurrection’. Today is a holiday of ‘resurrection’ for a new life.

Guys, let the joy of this day fill every next day of your life! May your dreams and those of your loved ones come true!

Source: Daughters of Mercy Facebook


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