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Seminarians meet altar servers (Perechyn)

A meeting of altar servers and Congregation of the Mission seminarians took place on January 28-29, 2018, at St. Augustine Parish Pastoral Center (Perechyn, Zakarpattia region). The topic of the meeting was “Discerning our vocation”. Altar servers from Perechyn outskirts, from those parishes where Missionary Fathers worked, came for that meeting. There were 16 altar servers present altogether. We spent those two days praying and enjoying our friendly atmosphere.

On Saturday afternoon, all meeting participants had a chance to get to know each other, listen to spiritual music performed by the seminarian band called “Maliatko SM” (“Baby SM”), participate in a catechesis class and in the adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. We finished that Saturday with watching a movie together.

On the following day, seminarians conducted lessons in Liturgy and a catechesis class. To end our meeting, all its participants and parishioners took part in the Holy Mass celebrated by seminary principal Fr. Anatolii Tovkan, CM.

We are sincerely grateful to God and our confreres for that pleasant time.


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