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Renewal of religious vows

On May 31, 2020, Pentecost Sunday, Sr. Kateryna Vasylenko, Sr. Paulette Jabbour and Sr. Vasylyna Savchenko renewed their religious vows of purity, poverty and obedience. By doing so, they dedicated one more year of their life to serving God in poor people and persons in need, while being part of the Congregation of Sisters of Mary of the Miraculous Medal.

Due to lockdown restrictions, we could not assemble all together. That was the reason why Sr. Kateryna renewed her vows in the Parish of St. Yuri in the village of Tyrii Remety, while Sr. Paulette and Sr. Vasylyna performed that act in the Beatitudes Chapel at the Bozhyi Dar House in Kyiv.

In sisters’ life, that was another “yes” to Jesus’s question: “Do you love Me?” The feast of taking religious vows is first and foremost a feast of God, for He granted us everything and all of that loses its meaning without Him. Furthermore, it is also a feast of the Congregation, because it is the community that makes our service possible. Finally, it is a feast of every sister, because this way she can give back to God all that belongs to Him anyway. The event was filled with inner peace, joy and gratitude for that gift received from God.

Let us pray God that Holy Spirit guide us in seeking His will and that we fulfill it faithfully and sturdily.

Sisters of Mary of the Miraculous Medal 



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