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I begin to live (celebrating finish of Community in Dialogue program)

That was the day for which Andii, Roman, Oleksandr and their parents and relatives had been waiting for so long. On December 15, 2018 they finished their Community in Dialogue program at the rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug addicts in Buldynka.

The solemn Liturgy on that day was celebrated by Bishop Bronislav Bernatski.

 “I begin to live,” was heard out loud in everyone’s testimony that was delivered with gratitude for real love and actual help which were received by every one of them.   

I thank you… for love, support, acceptance of me being the way I used to be back then and presently am, for real friendship, and for those program demands that have been challenging for me but nonetheless in a couple of years have taken me to this victory and present finish.   I am happy, and I thank everyone who facilitated the coming of this day.

Especially touching words were addressed to parents and relatives…

We, the sisters, are happy with the joy of this day! From now on, our presence will always be manifested in a prayer which makes up every one of them in God’s heart. For He is Love.

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