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Holy Missions in Mostyska

Holy Missions took place from September 5 to 12 in Mostyska, Lviv region. Fr. Jan Vakulczak, CM and Fr. Jerzy Gavliuk headed the Holy Missions. Throughout the week, the priests addressed the word to the faithful, administered the sacrament of Reconciliation, and participated in a procession through the town, which took place on the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Each day was dedicated to a specific topic. It was a pleasant surprise to see every morning and evening a temple full of people who wanted to take part in the Eucharist and to hear the Word of God.

On Sunday, during the sermon, Fr. John emphasized that the Eucharist is the pearl of our Christian life and encouraged people to make it the center of their lives , because during the Eucharist that we can experience the early taste of the Heaven. He also noted that people should not be afraid to be happy already here on earth. Moreover, they can be happy when they fully experience the Eucharist and accept Jesus into their hearts.

At the end of the parish missions, a solemn consecration of the sign plate on the mission cross took place, as well as the consecration of the crosses that the parishioners brought with them followed by the absolution blessing.

Sincere thanks to the superior Fr. Vladyslav and to all the parishioners who warmly greeted the Missionary Fathers and were open to the word, which the Holy Spirit sent through them.

May God bless everyone so that these missions bear fruits. Thank God for everything!


Author s. Catherine


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