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Evening with friends…

On Friday, October 6, 2017, staff of the All-Ukrainian Charity Foundation “Depaul Ukraine” in Kyiv, Marian Sisters of the Miraculous Medal, volunteers of the School for Volunteers, Superior of the Vice-Province Fr. Yan Chop, CM, assembled along with their friends from the Warming Center to learn more about founder of the Vincentian Family St. Vincent de Paul and to see photos from an outing, play a game and to communicate with each other.

At first, we looked at our pictures. Our friends and we spotted one another on those shots, and we made joyful comments on them. It was as if it was May again, as if we smelled those porridge and fried knockwursts, forest and spring rain…

Sometime in the past St. Vincent inspired people like us to help, serve, share their warmth and joy with their neighbors. By and by the number of people who cared, those touched and sparked with the flame of love, increased…  They all became united with the charism of St. Vincent. Presently, we already celebrate the jubilee – 400 years of Vincentian spirituality which continues to unite thousands of hearts.

Furthermore, the fact that Warming Center clients agreed to play with us a communication game “The Ungame” allowing to hear people’s life stories, answers to different questions unlikely to be asked ever by ourselves otherwise, and to share one’s happiness or some life moment added to the warm spirit of that evening…

The evening finished with tasty beet-root soup cooked by Kiflyk Restaurant.

P.S. That was an incredible evening, because our hearts and hearts of people in need burned with fire, the fire of Vincentian love. Everyone carried away a speck of that love. We believe this fire will spark and heat still many lonely hearts in need…

Volunteer of the School for Volunteers




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