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VOLUNTEER SCHOOL (KYIV) – we embrioder GREETING cards, bake delicious pastries 

Volunteer school in Kyiv has started preparations for the Christmas Charity Fair. You can join us both during training and during the fair. You can also support us with a prayer, with materials necessary for production, or with donations.

  • You can order from us greeting cards to get embroidered in any color or you can choose from the cards which are already embroidered.
  • You can order delicious pastries for corporate presents.
  • Who makes all this? Volunteers of Vincentian Family and sisters. Our volunteers and sisters fundraise for the needs of the poor, the homeless, the lonely, dying, all those whom Vincentian Family takes care of. Supporting our initiative you will help to do the good, to share the warmth and love. We do not ask you to donate; we ask to support a good cause by ordering from us.
  • Our greeting cards, decorated candles, Easter eggs, pastries are well-known for many people in Kyiv and beyond.


a group of young people who have the desire to do something good for the poor and lonely people and for homeless. You can share your time and talents to help these people (to bake cookies, to embroider a card, paint Easter egg etc.). And you do this not alone, but together with the same cheerful and energetic people like you. We hold charity events together with sisters and priests during which fundraise for the needs (food, clothing, medicines). Then we transfer the funds for the projects of Vincentian Family throughout Ukraine. For example, in 2015 we collected about 40 000 UAH during the Christmas fair and transferred this money to rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug addicts in Odessa (, as rehabilitation there is free, but there is always lack of funds for building maintenance and products.


  • self-knowledge (motivation, values, talents, own needs, selfless service)
  • knowledge of the needs of people in your environment
  • knowledge of the organizations that assist the needy
  • knowledge of state laws on providing assistance
  • spirituality, which inspires volunteer service
  • obtaining skills to work with sick people, homeless, lonely, elderly people…


  • to help and to serve to people in need
  • to share experience
  • development and creativity in spreading charity
  • to deepen the faith


  • We conduct meetings-classes monthly (on Saturday) in the form of seminars, which include the basic knowledge required for volunteer (psychology, sociology, law, spirituality and medical care). We also invite guests to the classes. We constantly develop and learn new, useful and interesting things.
  • We provide an option of volunteer work in charitable organizations of Vincentian Family – Charity group of St. Vincent de Paul, “DEPAUL Ukraine”, АІS, Caritas in case of decision to donate some of your time to charity work.


  • Charity fairs (Christmas and Easter fairs) are conducted since 2013. During the fairs we distribute the goods produced by volunteers for donations: cookies, decorated candles, embroidered cards on different topics, real painted Easter eggs and wooden magnets in form of Easter eggs, bookmarks etc.
  • Pilot project since 2015: “Baking on order” (Christmas gifts for corporate needs)
  • Picnic with homeless is conducted since 2014.


  • Kyiv, 1A Krasnodonska st.
  • Contacts: s. Marta Meshko MS (097) 486-90-80, Maryna (050) 870-11-11

OUR WORK (Photo reports)

Piknik with the poor 2015

Christmas Fair end Easter Fair (reparation and holding)

and many, many interesting things …
We invite you to join the shared care need.


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