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Community in Dialogue of Ukraine marks its 5th founding anniversary

We began our celebration with a so-called “round table”, during which everyone spoke from their own perspective on the problem of addiction. First, a therapist for substance abusers shared his opinion, and then a psychologist spoke. Moreover, a testimony of a girlfriend of an alcohol addict was an exceptional one. Further, Fr. Vitalii Novak told everyone how it all happened that the Community in Dialogue arose in Ukraine. Thereafter, Fr. Mateo Tagliaferri, founder of the Community, had the floor. He told us how that program came into being 27 years ago in Italy and spoke about the key principles. He said that at the very beginning, when he had not yet known how to help addicted people, he realized that “it is not a problem I meet with, but a person”. Sometimes it is really difficult to see HUMAN DIGNITY in an addicted person who behaves the way he or she does. Using his 27-year experience, he added: “We often think science will solve all of our problems: psychiatrists, psychologists. However, it is not all about science, because science is a human creation.” Science is powerless against the problem of addiction; it cannot cover everything and waits for something more. And this “more” is LOVE!” That is why he is sure that love is both the therapy and the meaning of life. All those profound convictions, which Fr. Mateo and the Community in Dialogue put into action saving human lives, have been gathered in a book that was presented yesterday as well (in Ukrainian already).
Later, it was the time for a family lunch and the Holy Mass celebrated by Bishop Bronislaw Bernacki.
That meeting has been so rich that I could go describing it for a long time and on many pages, but it is not the thing. The thing is not that it is “sweet” to recall the celebration. It is all about encouraging everyone to look at the problem of addiction from yet another perspective. How can you support a person who spirals downward, losing everything and ruining all relationships? Here I am thinking not only about addicts, for I know that wherever there is an addict, there are his mother, wife and children too who shed their tears…
The Community in Dialogue is the answer to the question about how to help.
Summing up, Fr. Mateo said: “God, who has loved me in my poverty, likewise has loved the other person in his or her poverty.”



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