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Beginning of Advent and the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Miraculous Medal!

27.11.2022 р.

         Today we celebrated several wonderful events in the Chapel of the Beatitudes – the beginning of Advent and the feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, which is special for the Vincentian family, particularly for the congregation of the Sisters of Mary of the Miraculous Medal and the Congregation of the Mission.

The Holy Mass was led by Fr. Mykhaylo Talapkanych, CM, superior of the Kyiv house and director of the Seminary of St. Justin de Jacobis. Fr. Mykhaylo recalled that we are going into a special time – the time of preparation to meet the little child Jesus, even though it is a difficult time for the country, but with hope. And it just so happened that Veronika Vyhivska, who began her postulation for the Congregation of the Sisters of Mary, and Volodymyr Petrosian, who came from Uzbekistan to Ukraine to discern a vocation to serve in the Congregation of the Mission of St. Vincent de Paul, started their formation journey on this day!

The liturgical year also begins on this day. The Conference of the bishops of Ukraine declared this year the Year of Mercy and encouraged all of us to have a merciful heart, reminding us that Advent time is first of all a time for acts of mercy towards the soul and body. Collecting these gifts of good deeds, we will be able to lay them at the feet of the newborn Jesus.

Then there was the blessing of the rosaries, the Miraculous Medal and the Vincentian cross. Sisters of Mary handed to Veronika a medal, a rosary and a Holy Scripture, congratulating her on the beginning of her formation in the congregation. Father Mykhaylo handed Volodymyr Holy Scripture, a rosary and a Vincentian cross, congratulating him on the start of his candidacy in the Congregation of Mission.

The ceremony was accompanied by beautiful singing by the relatives and parishioners present. The correspondents of the national television of Slovenia, who coincidentally came with a film crew to cover the events in Ukraine, were also present among the guests. A hearty and sincere prayerful atmosphere prevailed in the chapel.

Traditionally, at the beginning of Advent, there was the blessing of the Advent wreath and candles, which are symbols of life and light that come in the incarnation of the Son of God.

Sisters of Mary prepared a treat for everyone present, for the guests – delicious canapés and pastries. In a warm, cozy, almost homely atmosphere, we had the opportunity to communicate with each other, and we congratulated Veronika and Volodymyr.

Also on this day, parish community of the Kyiv house joined the all-Ukrainian Vincentian gingerbread campaign of the Vincentian Family.

May the good Lord open our hearts to mercy. We ask the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Miraculous Medal for protection for Veronika and Volodymyr, who took the next step on the path of their formation developing their vocation, we ask as well the intercession of St. Vincent and all the blessed and saints of the Vincentian family.

Deacon Petro Mazur


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