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A 3-years project “Help in prisons”

A 3-years project “Help in prisons” was launched since the spring in the AUCF “Depaul Ukraine”. The necessity of such work was caused by the fact that people who are released from places of deprivation or restriction of freedom are facing many problems that they can not solve on their own.

The project provides social, legal, material and psychological assistance. The project is aimed at supporting convicts who have found themselves in difficult life circumstances, needed help in preparing for release, in the restoration of lost documents, and finding the family connections.

Within the framework of the project, the Foundation cooperates with the North-East and South Interregional Directorate for Execution of criminal penalties and probation by the Ministry of Justice and their subordinate institutions in Kharkiv and Odessa.

The trainings and lectures are conducted with persons serving a sentence in the form of restriction of freedom or imprisonment for a certain period in order to prepare them for liberation and facilitate adaptation in the society. In addition to training, master classes, concerts and meetings with cultural figures also take place, in order not only to solve current problems, but also to increase motivation for positive changes in life, to improve the state of mind and to cheer up.


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