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All Ukrainian Charitable Foundation «Depaul Ukraine» celebrated its tenth anniversary

05.12 – 07.12 All Ukrainian Charitable Foundation «Depaul Ukraine» celebrated its tenth anniversary. Within three days various events dedicated to the work and experience of the organization were held. The celebration was attended by employees from Depaul subsidiaries – Odessa, Kyiv, Snyatin.

Separately, it was discussed St. Vincent de Paul`s values which formed the basis of the Foundation’s activities and inspire its employees to serve the poor.

The chamber ceremony in the parish of St. Vincent de Paul was visited by the Bishop of the Kharkiv-Zaporozhye Diocese, His Excellency Father Stanislav Shirokoradyuk who delivered a speech and blessed all those present.

Among the most important guests was Mark McGreevy – Group Chief Executive of «Depaul International», as well as close friends and partners with whom the Fund works closely.

During the meeting it sounded that people in «Depaul» do not work – they serve to the poorest of the poor, selflessly and sincerely!

For the next 10 years we have a lot of plans, we believe that together we will be able to achieve better results for those who need it most.


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